Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin, by definition, refers to the appearance of redness, skin bumps or abnormal sensations such as prickling, burning, tingling, pain or itching due to various factors:

  • Physical ( ultraviolet radiation, heat, cold, wind )
  • Chemical ( cosmetics, toiletries, water, pollutants )
  • Psychological (mental stress ) or
  • Hormonal (menstrual cycles)

If your answer to any of the following questions is yes, then you may have a sensitive skin.

  • Do you feel your skin is sun sensitive ?
  • Do you experience stinging or burning or skin with changes in climate or temperature ?
  • Do you have irritation or reaction, to simple products of day to day use, most of the time ?
  • Have you reacted to bleaching, hair dyes, face washes or shampoos ?
  • Do you tend to avoid certain toiletries or make up?
  • Are you skeptical about changing your cosmetics or toiletries as you feel you may not tolerate them ?
  • Do you experience redness or burning sensation after shaving ?

Prevention of sensitive skin :-

  • Don't over use cosmetics & soaps.
  • Avoid trying too many cosmetics.
  • Choose your skin care products wisely.
  • Moisturize your skin to prevent dryness.
  • Avoid extremes of weather.


Treatment includes identifying the culprit. Skin patch test may be needed in some cases. Using the right products. Following the right skin care routine. With Dr. S.Kiran’s vast clinical experience, you can expect the optimum management of sensitive skin in shortest possible time.