A clear skin complexion is what all of us want to have. It is not easy to be flawless. Excess production of melanin in your body causes dark patches or spots on your skin. There are many other reasons for pigmentation on skin such as sun damage, hormonal imbalance and sometimes pigmentation can occur due to bad environmental factors. In some rare cases, pigmentation on the skin can be caused by a pigmentation disorder or as a side effect of a chronic disease.

Diagnosis and treatment of the skin pigmentation by an expert dermatologist is all that you need to get a clearer skin. At Kiran advanced skin hair and laser clinic, Kukatpally , Hyderabad, we always emphasize on finding out the root cause of the skin pigmentation first, before beginning the process of treatment to reduce the pigmentation. Knowing the underlying cause enables us to provide you exact medical advice and treatment for better and faster results.


A chemical peel can be beneficial not only for your facial skin but to also improve the appearance of the skin on your hands and neck. Peeling is a very old technique which is still being used for skin rejuvenation. In old times, sour milk and wine were some of the most popular ingredients for facials as well as beauty baths.

As the name suggests, these peels remove the upper layer of the skin which is dead and impure in order to grow new skin layer in its place which will be young, plump and radiant in comparison to the old top layer of the skin. Dr. S.Kiran’s Dermatology provides you an advanced chemical peel treatment to do away with skin pigmentation once and for all. You’ll be amazed to see how fresh and enhanced your skin colour & texture will be.


Skin discoloration or pigmentation is an unwanted skin condition. Mesotherapy is an exceptionally useful treatment when we talk about skin pigmentation. Mesotherapy at Kiran advanced skin hair and laser Clinic, Mesotherapy is an exceptionally useful treatment when we talk about skin pigmentation.

Our dermatologists use vitamin C and more such ingredients which actively help in the reduction of skin discoloration. These ingredients are instilled into your facial skin through Electrophoration. It works on the deeper layer of the skin and protects it from free radicals to give your skin a refreshed look.


The use of laser has brought a revolution in dermatology procedures. Laser Toning is a treatment for Skin Pigmentation which works naturally to enhance the collagen production by destroying pigmentation cells.


As clear by the name itself, this is an instant facial treatment designed for people who want quick results without spending too much time on the treatment sessions. The results of Insta-Glow Peel Facial are astonishing. As your skin will almost instantly start looking nourished, moisturized and luminous.