Pre Mature Grey Hair

Premature greying is a condition in which the hair go grey at a younger age. Usually, hair gives away the black colour after entering the early 50s. However, some people have grey hair in rather an early age, because of some reasons.

Signs of premature greying

Once you notice some hair losing the black colour, you should be alert about it. Usually in the early 20s, some people notice their hair are getting grey. That is the time to get conscious about the problem.

What causes premature greying?

Medical experts are still not sure about the reasons of prematurely grey hair. The only reason that is trustworthy behind this condition is when the production of pigment stops.

Who are at risk of Premature greying ?

Anyone can get affected by premature greying of hair. Nevertheless, there are some factors that put someone at an increased risk of getting grey hair:

  1. Genetics : Having a family member who has suffered premature greying increases your risk. 
  2. Vitamin B12 Deficiency : Another important reason that leads to premature gray hair is the deficiency of Vitamin B12. The absence or lack of this vitamin allows the graying process to happen faster and earlier.
  3. Thyroid Problems And Health Issues : If you have been diagnosed with any major illness or are suffering from some health issue over a prolonged period, then you can expect to see some premature greys. Also, people who suffer from thyroid tend to grey earlier.
  4. Lack Of Nutrition : If you are fit and healthy, your hair too will show the signs. And this will also help in postponing the advent of the greys.
  5. Stress/Hectic Lifestyle/Excessive use of hair equipment : This is not something that is entirely backed by science, but it is a known fact that todays life style may have a role in premature greying which is why greying of hair is a common hair problem in the present day unlike a few decades back when greying happened only to older people.
  6. Smoking : Some experts link smoking with hair discolouring. It is adviced to avoid smoking if you do it excessively.
  7. Expoure to the sun : Sun exposure is also a cause of disturbance in the colour producing cells. So, the people who are exposed to the sun for a longer time, are at risk of premature hair greying.

Prevention of premature greying

You cannot prevent the natural greying of your hair. It is inevitable, and will occur after you age. However, premature greying of hair is something that you can prevent by following some cautions.

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What are the treatment option ?

  1. Identifying & stopping the trigger
  2. Adding the right nutritional supplements , that are usually deficient in patient with premature greying
  3. Hair tonics that control and reverse premature greying to some extent
  4. Using chemical free, PPD free vegetable hair colours that are safe for any age group.

How do I go about it ?

Book an appointment with us through our website or call us on the number provided and we will be happy to help you.

  • Ask questions about your past health, symptoms, and menstrual cycle.
  • Do a physical exam to look for signs of PCOS, such as extra body hair and high blood pressure. The doctor will also check your height and weight to see if you have a healthy body mass index (BMI).
  • Do a number of lab tests to check your blood sugar, a hormones that maintain blood sugar, and other hormone levels. Hormone tests can help rule out thyroid or other gland problems that could cause similar symptoms.
  • IYou may also have a pelvic ultrasound to look for cysts on your ovaries. Your doctor may be able to tell you that you have PCOS without an ultrasound, but this test will help him or her rule out other problems.

Regular exercise, healthy foods, and weight control are the key treatments for PCOS. Treatment can reduce unpleasant symptoms and help prevent long-term health problems.

  • Try to fit in moderate activity and/or vigorous activity often. Walking is a great exercise that most people can do.
  • Eat heart-healthy foods. This includes lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, and whole grains. It limits foods that are high in saturated fat, such as meats, cheeses, and fried foods.
  • Most women who have PCOS can benefit from losing weight.
  • If you smoke, consider quitting. Women who smoke have higher androgen levels that may contribute to PCOS symptoms.
  • Medications like hormonal contraceptives (if your periods are irregular), anti androgens (for facial hair, acne and hairfall) and anti diabetic medicine can be started .

If you have tried the natural remedies and have had no success, we suggest you book an appointment with Dr.S.Kiran and we will be happy to help you.