Skin pigment known as ‘Melanin’, produced by cells called melanocytes, which gives skin the colour, is responsible for skin complexion. Freckles are cells that contain more amount of melanin compared to the surrounding areas. Freckles are visible in form of small, tiny black/brown spots on face. These spots may also be present on the hands, elbows, neck, back etc.

Causes: Freckles are triggered by exposure to sunlight. The melanocytes absorb the sunlight and produce more melanin, thereby causing freckles. They are a natural reaction of the skin to the sun.

  • Hereditary- It runs in families, and children are more likely to have freckles if the parents have them.
  • Complexion- fair people are more prone to have freckles than dark people.
  • People with Asthma are more prone to Eczema.
  • Tanning
  • Seasonal- In some people, freckles appear in the summer and disappear in the winter.

Treatment: While there are stories that freckles are angel kisses, but this is not true. Freckles do not bring any good luck charm and can be prevented and avoided to improve overall skin and aesthetic appeal.

Dr. S.Kiran provides a variety of Treatment for freckles in Kukatpally, Hyderabad at his skin Clinic, but not all treatments are recommended for everyone. Avoiding or reducing sun exposure and using good sun protection can help in reducing the number of freckles and the darkness of the freckles.

  • Topical Creams- Though widely used, these contain bleaching agents which act on the entire skin and not just the freckles. Retin -A is one of the widely used products.
  • Laser- Considered the most effective method for freckles removal, a beam of the laser is used to reduce the unwanted melanocytes which produce melanin. This not only reduces freckles, it also improves skin tone and colour.
  • Cryotherapy- Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the melanin-producing cells are frozen by removing, thereby removing freckles.