Under Eye Brightening

A Signature KiranAdvanced Clinic Procedure to Reduce the Appearance of Dark Circles, Wrinkles, Fine Lines & Signs of Photoaging Around the Periorbital Area.

The Eyes Are the Focal Point of Your Face and Since the Skin Around the Eyes is Extremely Delicate and Thin, the First Signs of Ageing and Sun Damage Tend to Show Around the Eyes. Dark Circles, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Sagging Skin Around the Eyes Tend to Make You Look Older, Tired and Stressed. Since the Area Around the Eyes is So Delicate, It’s Extremely Essential to Treat With the Utmost Care.

Non-Invasive Procedure | Pain-free | Proven Results

Who is it for ?

Dark Circles

Under Eye Dark Circles, Also Known as Peri-orbital Pigmentation, Are the First Telltale Signs of Fatigue, Stress and Age. While Lack of Sleep is Assumed to Be the Most Common Cause of Dark Circles, There Are Various Other Reasons Such as: Hereditary Allergies, Illness, Hormone Imbalances, Stress, Sun Exposure Etc. There Are Various Otc Topical Creams and Home Remedies Available to Treat Dark Circles, but These Are at Best, Temporary & Ineffective.

Fine Lines

Fine Lines Often Indicate the Beginning of Your Skin’s Ageing Process. They Are Small and Shallow and May Be Hard to See Initially. Fine Lines on the Face Are Often Associated With Repetitive Movements, Such as Squinting, Smiling, Laughing or Frowning. Fine Lines Are So Superficial That They Respond to Treatments Faster and Easier Than Deeper Wrinkles Would.


Wrinkles Form When Fine Lines Are Not Treated Quickly and Begin to Deepen, but They Also Tend to Form in Different Areas of the Face More Quickly, Often Progressing Into Facial Folds.